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Social Impact

I am interested and motivated to use my professional experiences and expertise to help address social justice issues including climate change, diversity, equity and inclusion, and ethics in the fields of tech and artificial intelligence. I believe that working to address such issues at the societal level is an important aspect of mental health intervention, as the negative effects of these wider issues have a direct and profound impact on the mental health of individuals. Please contact me at if you wish to discuss any of the below offerings - I am open to both paid and pro bono work.

Impact through education

I aim to increase my social impact through writing blog posts on MyMind and Film Therapy With Alex that entertain and give free access to valuable mental health information. I have also written content for other organisations, such as an online youth psychology magazine, and have multiple research publications. I am very interested in opportunities to write content and speak at events or on podcasts, as this increases my social impact. I have a wide array of professional interests, and have experience speaking at conferences and delivering both in person and online training sessions in a variety of topics. 

Impact through consultation

I also collaborate with other individuals and groups to achieve social impact through sharing my expertise with them. In particular, I can:

- Work with organisations to write and action meaningful diversity, equity and inclusion strategies

- Deliver training on mental health related topics within the workplace

- Assist tech organisations with ethical decision-making, particularly around the use of AI and algorithms

- Consult with filmmakers to ensure depictions of mental health related issues are appropriately handled

Suggested topics:

- Supporting neurodivergent staff and patrons

- Supporting gender diverse staff and patrons

- Generating emotional and cultural safety within the workplace

- Using tech to support mental health and positive behaviour change

- Crafting tech that empowers users

- Managing vicarious trauma 

- Responsible depictions of mental health related issues on film

Impact through coaching

I offer coaching and supervision to individuals and groups working in the social impact space, such as:

- Not-for-profit leaders

- Social justice advocates

- Documentary filmmakers (and their subjects)

- Filmmakers creating content related to social justice/mental health/trauma

Financial impact

MyMind regularly donates to Amnesty International to support their efforts to address a broad array of human rights issues both domestically and internationally, and uses Ecologi to ensure the climate impacts of running the practice are offset through donations to climate positive initiatives, such as tree planting. MyMind also contributed to funding the Neighbourhood Watch Street Smart Handbook for NSW/ACT high school students to learn tips for making a healthy transition from school to life in the adult world.

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