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What do I need to be able to access telehealth Psychology?

You need a desktop computer or laptop with access to good Internet connectivity, and a microphone, webcam and headphones. It is also important to have a quiet, private space in which to conduct the session, that replicates a therapist's office as much as possible (i.e. not the middle of the living room in a busy household!)

Who can access telehealth Psychology?

Anyone in Australia can access telehealth Psychology through MyMind. At the moment, the following client groups are eligible for telehealth Psychology Medicare rebates:

Participating in telehealth Psychology has many benefits, including being able to do therapy in a familiar and convenient location, with no travel costs. It has also increased options available for people living in rural Australia, with ongoing access to Medicare rebates for those living in certain regions, and has enabled Psychologists to continue offering therapy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding telehealth Psychology.

Can children participate in telehealth Psychology?

Children can perceive telehealth as a less confronting and more enjoyable medium in which to complete therapy activities. In my experience, children with a developmental age of 7 or above can successfully engage in telehealth Psychology sessions. I have also supported younger children via telehealth, however, this was done through parenting work, which is not covered by Medicare (unless the child is present for most of the session, which is not appropriate in most cases). I will only support children via telehealth if they have a parent or carer close by at all times, to assist them with technology issues and provide emotional support when required.

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